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Empowering nations through Christ | Birthing visions and nurturing destinies.

The Empowerment Mission Agency (NPF) is a registered Non-Profit Organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. We have a mandate to raise a different breed of leaders all over the world with a mission to empower lives through Christ and nurture destinies to fulfilment. 

There are three subsidiaries:

  • Nehemiah Troop Prayer Ministry
  • Nehemiah Troop Benevolence Ministry
  • Nehemiah Troop Academy

The Nehemiah Troop Prayer Ministry is the major arm of the Empowerment Mission Agency: our mission is to raise an army of intercessors in every nation all across the globe.  We have the Watchman Arise daily prayer on Zoom where we meet Monday through Friday @ 6:00 am Eastern Time (New York Time). It is an altar dedicated to stirring up Intercessors all over the world.

We have the weekly marital prayer altar that holds every Wednesday @ 9pm ET (New York Time) known as Marriage War Room; where we come together to enforce our marital destinies in Christ Jesus.

You can also join our weekly vigil on Friday at Midnight for intense prayers and  prophetic activation. It is a place of divine encounter, prophetic instruction and deep intimacy with the Lord. This unique prayer altar focuses on spiritual nourishment in the word of God, intercession for nations and activation of different aspects of our destinies.

You can join the life-transforming sessions on Zoom:

  • Zoom ID: 362 451 4568
  • Zoom password — 2020

Our Vision

Birthing visions and nurturing destinies.

Our Mission

Empowering nations through Christ
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It is a daily prayer altar that trains and equip believers for spiritual warfare through the word of God (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Watchman Arise – Monday to Friday 6:00am ET

Formerly known as the Nehemiah Troop Scholarship Foundation is the branch of the ministry that grew out of constantly meeting needs and touching lives with the power of Christ  (Isaiah 58:7)

A.K.A The Daniel and Deborah Mandate is the mentoring branch of the Empowerment Mission Agency (2Tim.2:2 & Matthew 28:19)

  • Mentoring disciples
  • Raising leaders
  • Discipling nations

'Blow the Trumpet in Zion, And sound and alarm in My holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble; For the day of the Lord is coming, For it is at hand'

Joel 2:1


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