Prayer Works


PRAYER WORKS is now available on Kindle and Paperback.

Interesting quote from the book:
Many wonder why they don’t get answers to their prayers, it is simply because they pray haphazardly, or they are distracted. The truth is that half-hearted prayers do not serve any purpose. They are merely a waste of precious time. I can tell you without a doubt that prayer works 100% of the time, but in order for you to enjoy answers to your prayers, they must come from your heart.



As a believer, nothing moves until you pray. Many are waiting on heaven to move, but heaven is really waiting on you to pray. Get busy praying now because prayer works!! It is time to shatter barrenness and destroy yokes of affliction. It is time to dismantle barriers and break-forth on every side. It is time to swallow up addictions, and conquer the spirit of perversion that has taken over the nations. You can start by following the Model Prayer given by our Lord Jesus Christ. He taught the disciples how to pray the will of the Father. You can also learn to pray from supernatural brilliance of God’s word. Praying from scriptures empowers you to pray heartfelt, compelling bold and intelligent prayers over any given situation. You are the son of a King. Rise up and start walking in your true heritage. Your birthright is that of royalty!! You can activate your glorious destiny on the altar of prayer today. No one else will do it for you. I look forward to your bountiful testimonies. Prayer Works!!


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