Discover the truth about being set free from the bondages of this age.

If you are barren, jobless, failing in your academic or career pursuits, always broke, frustrated or stagnated, sick with or without medical explanation, mentally ill, depressed, terminally sick or genetically ill, single past your prime or experiencing marital failure, hated without cause, working but having little to show for it, under constant attack in your dream, suffering insomnia, suffering from addiction, praying without results and many more – YOU ARE PROBABLY UNDER THE ATTACK OF THE ENEMY! You are most likely experiencing SPIRITUAL WARFARE! I am writing this book because I experienced spiritual warfare first hand and I am sharing my testimony of deliverance with the secrets taught to me by the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that you will locate the secrets needed to destroy the ignorance that the enemy has used to blindfold many believers. This ignorance is the reason why many still suffer so much despite New Birth. The Bible says in Proverbs 11:9b, “But through knowledge the righteous will be delivered.” There are strategies to spiritual warfare and it is very important for every believer to learn these strategies because at New Birth we were automatically drafted into an existing battle that started before we were born. As you go through this book, alongside the Bible, you will discover that regardless of the lie of the enemy about any temporal situation, you can be delivered!

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